Who We Are

Gaming Restored is a new branch of Rock 30 Games, based in Bismarck, ND. In business for nearly 20 years, we know gaming. From Refurbishment to20210712-143354.jpg packaging to shipping, our staff are experts at what they do and avid gamers.


What We Do

From the moment we receive an item, it is meticulously prepared - cleaned, repaired, and restored to like new condition. Every step along the way ensures you receive the very best product on the market. If you're unsatisfied, return your items within 180 days, no questions. Premium products, premium commitment - that's our promise to you.


Why Gaming Restored

Anyone can sell you a product, but we deliver an experience from the moment you place an order to unboxing it. Only top quality consoles and accessories qualify as Gaming Restored products. When you buy from us, you're buying quality.20210712-143032.jpg